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Dear Noel, I came across your website and read your article "Amazing Experiences In Trance with the Astrology Archetypes". I am an astrologer myself, as well as a certified hypnotherapist. I have studied some psychology what is binomo and am also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am not in the habit of writing to others about their articles but I had to make an exception in this case. It is an absolutely wonderful way to incorporate astrology and hypnotherapy. During meditation classes binomo hack that I give, I often have people 'meet' the planets in order to familiarize themselves with them. I have often toyed with the idea of using astrology with hypnotherapy, and you have clinched the method for me. I will be using your ideas when working on my own transits and chart first, as I always believe in experiencing the method before using it on others. With Saturn presently opposing my Mars (gridlock if ever there was binomo demo one!) as well as Saturn going into my Cancer stellium soon, the timing is just right. Thank you so so much for an article that 'hits the spot' at this moment in my life. You can be sure that I will sing your praises to others. Much respect and admiration, Louisa Gonzalez, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This site aims to promote the blending of modern Psychology with the ancient arts of Astrology and Taoism