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what the inner planets say about you in love

© Noel Eastwood 2003

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Driven and ambitious, attractive for their energy and child-like innocence Enthusiastic in all their activities, attractive for their generous giving nature Interests include sports, adventure, bush walking and action movies Socially active, loves the high life and will dance till dawn Sexually active, will last long after most have given up


Ambitious but on the quiet side, they rarely draw attention to themselves Enjoy quite times with their partner and wonít get over emotional in stressful situations Interested in nature and the environment, seek quieter activities as hobbies Enjoy fun times but prefer a good quality restaurant than to partying all night Quietly confident lovers who enjoy long drawn out pleasurable sessions


Quick to pick up the direction of any conversation enjoying small talk in any company Able to get to the source of a problem rather than getting bogged down in emotions Interests are broad encompassing any topic, they have the capacity to engage in conversation with anyone Socially active who love nothing more than a good party with lots of time to chatter and dance Willing to direct and enjoy the kinky side of sexuality with a twist for the adventurous


The Nurturer of the zodiac enjoys providing for the needs of their own and their partners loved ones Emotions rule the romantic Cancerian who willingly provides support for those in need Like to chat about family and child rearing, engage at an emotional level in all conversations Enjoys family related social activities with a great love of cooking and entertaining Sexuality is soft and caring, setting up romantic scenes are a highlight for the Cancerian


The Ruler of the zodiac enjoys taking the role of organiser in activities and outings Can be caught up in their emotions when romance is in the air, fun loving and adventurously romantic Interested in all forms of adventure, sports and activities, movies and books Enjoys being the centre of attention but will go out of their way to ensure their loved ones enjoy themselves too Passionate and romantic, enjoys the physical side of love with a committed partner


Delicate and poised, willingly provides the ingredients for any successful relationship Enjoys creating and sharing romantic moments with the ability to find the right answers to any sticky situation Have a broad interest in all forms of activity, movies and books preferring practical topics Socially active with a talent for helping out behind-the-scenes ensuring things go smoothly on the night Prefer their physical life to be discrete but once they feel they can trust you then anything goes


Ably provides for a harmonious and contented relationship with an ability to find compromise in any situation Will not allow emotional problems to get in the way of enjoying a romantic evening with their lover Interested in sharing their many interests which includes a flair for decorating, art and music Love the social scene with a talent for organising and producing the most pleasurable party to please their guests Able to bring that special romantic touch to an evening aimed at providing for the pleasure of their lover


Passionate and intense with an ability to bring the best out of people without feeling left out themselves Emotions rule Scorpio, passionate and very romantic, they give everything they have when in love Have an intense interest in building, whether it be boats or relationships they commit their all to any project Love to socialise with friends at parties and outings and are able to bring out the best in their lover The passion of the Scorpio is legendary with a desire to take their partner beyond intercourse and into the realms of ecstasy


Enjoy spoiling and providing for their loved ones, the zany fun sign of the zodiac Although highly romantic they are not overly interested in getting bogged down in emotional situations Have a broad interest in all forms of sports, adventure movies and books, love to explore the worlds offerings The social scene is their scene, will impress their friends and lovers with their ability to mix it with anyone, anywhere Generous in love and have a reputation for exploring and enjoying what each lover has to offer


Solid and balanced in all areas, willingly provide a warm sense of stability and security for their loved ones Not overly emotional preferring to give quality support in emotional times rather than getting involved in them Like to be involved in organisations and activities, they enjoy their hobbies when they are able to share them with friends Like to produce a warm and caring environment allowing for a solid relationship to develop with their partner at its own pace Once they trust their partner nothing will stop them giving their all in a committed sexual relationship


Interested in all relationships with a leaning towards the unusual, prefer to observe their environment before they join in Approach emotional situations with a willingness and an uncanny ability to solve any issues that might arise Have a wonderful flair for finding answers to your problems, they are always willing to share their interests with others Socially shy in most instances though once they get warmed up they canít be turned off becoming the life of the party Will seek to please their partner preferring to give than to demand their own needs be satisfied, generous to a fault in love


Pisces enjoy gently flowing relationships finding time to share themselves with those most in need Harmonious emotions are very important, they love the romantic pleasures that come with a committed relationship Interested in romance and love in its many and varied forms, will go to great lengths to watch a favourite movie Socially adept at moving with the groove, always charming and an ideal partner for all occasions When they trust there is nothing that they will not do for their partner, able to bring a special something into a jaded relationship