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Diploma of AstroPsychology

All lessons are sent out as email attachments in pdf format (Acrobat Reader, free from

Lessons are up to 120 pages.


Diploma of AstroPsychology Year One

Diploma of AstroPsychology Year Two

Diploma of AstroPsychology Year Three

Mass Murderers & Serial Killers - stand-alone certificate course, 150 pages


Certificate Courses - individual in-depth modules

Each course is presented using real people, you will also use your own chart to assist in your hands-on learning, you are encouraged to engage in email conversations with your teacher to enhance your learning for each unit, each course has one assignment for certification.

Mass murderers & Serial killers- what makes a person kill? Explore their psychological profiles and find the astrological significators in their charts.

Health Astrology - an in-depth look at healing using astrology:- natal, transiting and progressed charts. You will also explore alternative healing methods using herbs, minerals, meditation and Taoist chi breathing techniques.



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