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Ever imagined starting your own Astrology business?

This is a Unique opportunity to study a Unique course - psychological astrology taught by Australian psychologist and astrologer, Noel Eastwood.

My goal is to teach as many psychologically oriented astrologers as possible. I believe that the more astrologers who understand the psychology of an individual through the chart the more credibility our science will have.

Your teacher is a professional astrologer & psychologist, study to professional standard and start your own professional astrology business.

Psychological Astrology Course

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What students have said:


"Best value imaginable, wonderful person to deal with" - ekct (USA)

"This is unreal thanks heaps, I can't believe how good it is." oddsnendsbitsnpieces (Australia)

"This is an awesome Astrology Course. I recommend it to everyone!" Watchman (France)

"Noel, I just did my first paid reading for a new born baby! Last week I did my first face to face reading and today my third reading. The readings have gone exceptionally well, no reservations or fear, believe it or not! I've just felt at home, well prepared and professionally presented, I've had exceptional feedback, very satisfied customers. I've got 2 more to do on my list now." GM, Dip AstroPsych, Australia.


My name is Alison Harris, I have been a student of Noel Eastwood's for approximately nine months doing his AstroPsychology Course. I have found this course to be totally amazing and enlightening especially regarding myself and my three children. I started this course with very little knowledge of Astrology and within even this short amount of time I can see so much of my children's personality, characteristics and traits laid out before me in their natal charts. This course is helping me to understand myself and my children a lot better than I ever could have before. I have found Noel Eastwood to be very professional and also extremely willing to help at any time through-out the course. Speaking from my own experience every time I have asked Noel a question he has always answered in a down-to-earth and easily understood manner. If the first nine months are any indication of what this course is like I can't wait to get into my second and third year. If you are interested in finding out more about yourself or your loved ones spiritually, astrologically or psychologically - this is the course for you. Alison Harris, Tasmania, Australia.

Meaningless inhibits fullness of life and therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything.” C.G.Jung – Memories, Dreams & Reflections. Hello, my name is Kris, I am currently a student of Noel Eastwood’s Astral Connections and would like to take this opportunity to thank Noel for being ‘The Lantern’ in my life. Noel’s course has taught me more than I am able to express in words alone. Here is one subject that has introduced me to unlimited opportunities and given me tremendous insight into the why’s of life. The Journey is vast, the process is infinite, the knowledge I have gained so far, is immeasurable and I cannot think of a better life skill to have. I wish to invite others to experience for themselves the power this knowledge brings. It’s the kind of knowledge where you find yourself on a quest that will transform your understanding of life into an endless source of internal wealth, happiness and permanence that you will want to share with everyone that you meet. I am honored and delighted to recommend this school to anyone who wishes to improve their life and acquire skill’s that gives meaning which in turn develops the tolerance and humility required to endure all the pains and joys of our modern day living and beyond. Believe me when I say ‘All of us already possess the keys to our own unique destiny.' Through this course you will unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe to discover your own path to infinity and it will be nothing less than intoxicating, addictive and highly contagious. Best regards to all and especially to Noel aka Astral Connections for giving my life so much meaning and satisfaction. Miss Kris Novoselac, South Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Astrology Quotes: “Under its present name psychology is a very new science, and in many ways it is primitive and inexperienced in the same way that everything is in its infancy. Yet psychology is one of the few reliable maps we have, even though we are drawing the map while in the very process of exploration. Psychology in its deepest sense, however, has existed for a long time under other names, the earliest of which, perhaps, was astrology. This may be more surprising to psychologists than to anyone else, but our word psychology comes from 2 Greek words – psyche – which means soul, and - logos - which means wisdom – and the study of the human soul was the province of astrology long before it became the province of anything else.” Liz Greene, Relating – an astrological guide to living with others on a small planet (1978).

“That’s part of being an astrologer, helping people to see what they don’t know, or confirming what they suspect.” Howard Sasportas, Directions and Destiny (1998).



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