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Diploma of AstroPsychology Year One


Year ONE - Basic Astrology

101) Study requirements - time tables, routines. Time per lesson - planning

Reading lists, Text books, Software - shareware version and details of other software

Introduction to the horoscope - natal astrology, orientation of the chart

Charts forms, basic calculations, Houses 1 to 6

102) Houses 7 to 12

Grouping houses into: Societies, Volumes, Trinities

Cusp effects, the power of angular houses

103) The 12 zodiac signs; Sign divisions: Elements & Quadruplicities

Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Quadruplicities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

Degrees of Emination; Polarities; Sign Signatures; Decanates; Intercepted Signs

104) Introduction to the planets

The two luminaries - Sun and Moon

Inner planets / Personal planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars

Outer planets / Generational planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Retrogrades, Stationary, Direct; Stelliums

Rulerships, Detriment, Exaltation, Fall, Masculine, Feminine, Positive, Negative

105) Basic calculations - introduction

The Ephemeris; The Standardisation of Time - Time Zones, GMT, Local Time

Local Time, GMT, Elapsed Time, Planetary Factor, Planet calculations, Chiron

106) Sidereal Time; Sidereal Correction; Sidereal Time at GMT

Longitudinal Correction; Northern RAMC; Calculations for House cusps

Belfast chart demonstrating effects of time, place and date on chart appearance

107) Extra points: North and South Nodes, Vertex, Full and New Moons, Eclipses - Lunar and Solar

Delineations 1 - planet / sign / house

108) Planetary aspects major and minor, Harmonics, Archetypal personalities

Applying & Separating aspects

Wide aspects, out of sign, out of house conjunctions

Outer and Inner planetary aspects, Aspect orbs and arc

Shapes, Patterns, Unaspected planets

109) Delineations; The Golden Rule Archetypal Astrology

Rulerships, Archetypes; Lord of the Chart, Other chart points

110) Mutual Reception; Accidental Dignity; Delineating the entire chart what to look for

Stand alone planets Singletons

111) Delineations; Dispositors Final Dispositor

Planet in High Focus; Chart Ruler focal planets

It is recommended that you also purchase all 6 of the first year MP3 audio's, they will guide you into the world of astrology and inspire you to go further and further.



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