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     Health Miracles Through Astrology

Astrologers, Dowsers & Healing Miracles

By Noel Eastwood

As an astrologer I am often asked to provide information on a person’s constitutional health. By this I mean the inherited strengths and weaknesses of an individual. For instance a new born baby will have specific strengths and weaknesses inherited from her mother and father. She will have inherited her sensitivity to cow’s milk for instance or have weak lungs which can be ‘read’ in the birth chart.

Let me give you an example. Baby Barbara had a heavy emphasis on the Fire element in her natal horoscope with an Aries Ascendant and Sun and Moon in Leo, a total of five points in Fire signs. Her first reaction to stress or the environment is to produce heat. Heat creates fevers and fevers produce febrile fits by overheating the brain.

At age 2 years Barbara was taken to the local hospital with high temperatures and fever fits when teething. Her parents were anxious, they had not seen anything like this before. The doctor at the hospital, believing that she was suffering from a kidney infection, immediately punctured her bladder with a needle. Barbara screamed, as you can imagine. Her poor parents were horrified considering the doctor and nurses inconsiderate of their beliefs, cruel and uncaring. This procedure made little difference to Barbara’s fits and high temperature. As soon as her parents could they grabbed Barbara and rushed her home. They followed up with a phone call and visit to their local health authorities to make a complaint about the above actions.

Barbara went to hospital because she was feverish and fitting, too much heat in the heart and head. Her constitutional health (Fire) required her to consume lots of water in hot weather and when teething for just this purpose. She needed to be kept cool during hot weather such as using cool baths and air-conditioning. She also needed to reduce her consumption of milk, especially cow’s milk, which is ‘heating’ and creates excess mucus thus inviting bacterial infection. As a parent myself I found this out the hard way and was fortunately able to advise Barbara’s parents of their daughter’s weakness, they experienced no more problems. Some remedies that were indicated for Barbara included Biochemic Tissue Salt Ferr Phos and Homeopathic Belladonna.

Astrologers are called upon to diagnose advanced illness in adults too. Mario, a practicing homosexual had major health problems, so serious that he could not go to work, play or even stay awake. These problems could be described as toxemia, stress and diet related, with a very sluggish large intestine. Looking at Mario’s chart I could see an emphasis on the element Earth (Virgo) with the Moon, which is Water, sitting powerfully on the Ascendant. The first house contained the deeply emotional planet Pluto, and the hyperactive Jupiter, highlighting his sensitivity and self-destructive tendencies. The trained astrologer can identify the elements and planets causing illness providing the insight needed to help Mario with his illness.

The element Water (abandonment and depression) becomes responsible for triggering the illness while Air invites denial of his unhealthy lifestyle. Earth, however, was the strongest element with seven points in his horoscope. Immediately we can see that control is major element in his psyche.

Mario’s toxemia (self poisoning) is the result of a weak large intestine allowing toxins to be passed through its thin porous wall into the blood stream and lymphatic system. This is highlighted by Pluto, a Virgo stellium and the Moon all indicating toxemia. The planets Jupiter and Uranus show that he enjoys drinking, sometimes to excess, to induce oblivion when things got too depressing.

Toxemia, triggered by emotional distress, poor diet, alcohol and a partying lifestyle, means that Mario sets himself up for major health problems. To fast cure for toxemia would require a complete colon cleanse, while the best long-term cure would be fresh raw fruit.

The interesting thing about astrology is that it can also be used to initiate inner healing using hypnosis and meditation. Mario would be guided into a light trance and directed to contact both the Virgo and Moon archetypes, asking them to appear in a human form. Both are female, so they would generally appear before him as matronly or motherly women. If his relationship with his mother was poor, as indicated in his chart, then we could expect the Moon to appear slightly undernourished or perhaps cold and unemotional. By entering the light trance state each day and talking with and being nurtured by the Moon, Mario will learn about self-nurturing, opening up to and resolving his abandonment issues.

Virgo is an Earth sign and is very strong in Mario’s chart. It shows that he will ‘hold in’ his feelings before he trusts his environment and lets them out. With Virgo on the Ascendant and four planets in Virgo the ‘Mother’ archetype is very important. Mario would be asked to contact the archetype ‘Virgo’ and seek a deeper understanding of her role in his life and how she can help him to feel more relaxed with others. She has the power to show Mario how to stop being a servant to everyone and how to gain self esteem and stability in his life. Along with an improved diet and lifestyle this has the greatest potential to heal his depression and toxemia.

By going within his psyche Mario can contact the primary psychic source of power, his Soul. In Jungian terms this is the most powerful form of healing, from within. In my experience as a therapist I believe that this is the best and most powerful method available to us.

Astrologers are also called upon to tell the time of a person’s death too. Gale had a kidney transplant during Chiron (the ‘wounded healer’ in astrology) & Jupiter transits. Gail was a High Fire danger lady with an Aries Sun, four planets in Leo and with Mars, the Lord of the Chart, strongly placed. She has a great need for water to cool her fires. Mars is in a Water sign (Cancer) but he prefers Fire, in a Water sign he can become frustrated and overheated.

Kidneys, ruled by Mars in this instance, process urine, they require a lot of fresh water to stop the urine becoming too strong and burning the urethra and kidneys. If the kidneys become irritated they become infected and will eventually become diseased, which is what happened. Unfortunately an applying Jupiter transit showed that he had some unfinished business with Mars at the time of the operation. She died some years later after a protracted illness from cancer of the kidneys and liver (liver is ruled by the Fire planet Jupiter).

Gail was an astrologer herself and asked me for her time of death. “When will I die?” she asked me. Normally astrologers don’t do this sort of thing, but for Gail, a friend, realist and an astrologer herself, I told her that I saw little in her chart other than transition, a change from one opportunity to another. She then asked me to draw up her husband and daughters’ charts. Their charts all pointed to a loss in October, just when her opportunities appeared and, incidentally, when she passed away. We miss her still.

Apart from astrology sometimes it is possible to ‘know’ the answer to a problem through other channels. Sure, astrology is one way but dowsing is another and this is where dowsers such as Harald Tietze and Frank Moody come into the picture. Frank once dowsed the blood clot of a hospital patient a thousand miles away with the use of his pendulum. Harald Tietze uses rod and his body aura to find healthy rooms in a house and to warn owners to be wary of high ‘earth radiation’ areas.

My dowser friend Peter Ruehmkorff, once helped a lady who had very serious problems. She said that she had been feeling unwell for some months and could not find the cause of it. She was becoming more and more tired and fatigued. When he arrived at the lady’s house Peter went from room to room with his pendulum and rod, but could detect no earth rays and no entities. So he got out his ‘electromagnetic field detector’ to see if there were any dangerous electrical fields present, but again, nothing. Hmmm, Peter thought for a while and strolled back to his car.

Fortunately for our lady she had called the only dowser in the world who carries a Geiger Counter in his tool box. He was directed straight to her bedroom where immediately over the center of her bed the Geiger Counter went mad. He found a long stick and lifted the bed covers up and there, under her bed, was a cardboard box. Inside that box were some rocks, and they were highly radioactive. The lady’s son had been to Rum Jungle, uranium country in the Northern Territory, and had found some nice looking rocks for his collection. When he arrived home in Sydney he asked his mother to look after his rock collection for a while. These deadly ‘rocks’ now safely reside at Sydney University as test specimens in the physics laboratory. Miracle? No, just damn good scientific luck!

One more example of extraordinary healing was when I was participating in a meditation group some years ago. We decided to do some hands-on healing with each other while the energy was still strong. One of the our group could relax only so far during meditation before he would gag and choke. I was a novice healer in those days so I put my hands on his head and moved them around his back and neck as I relaxed and went into a light trance. I got the feeling that ‘sand’ and ‘beach’ were involved with his problem. I said to him,

“Beach, you’re at the beach and there is sand, lots of sand there, and you need to yell and scream or something…”

I wasn’t really sure what had happened but the word ‘sand’ came up again and again. Moments later he got up out of the chair and vomited in the bathroom sink.

When he came back he explained that when he was a 10 year old he was playing with a boy at the beach. He had only just met this boy but he was happy to play with him anyway. Soon afterwards the boy began hitting him, he couldn’t remember why, but he remembers being forced face down into the sand trying to scream for help as this boy shoveled sand into his mouth to silence him. The next thing that he remembers is waking up in hospital. He had forgotten this incident completely for all these years, now he meditates quite well.

People call them ‘miracles’ but in truth they are answers discovered by ‘extraordinary’ means. For the ‘miracle makers’ it is part of their daily life.

© Noel Eastwood 2001

This article will appear in Harald Tietze's 'Health for All', 2002

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