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Links to the best Astrology, Psychology, Taoist, Tantra and other sites of interest

Natural Health Links

Harald Tietze - health books, retreats, Kefir & Kombucha cultures

Walter Last - excellent natural health page

Essential Oils - for best advice and service - The Oil Solution


Astrology Links

Indian - Vedic Astrology - great articles

Manyzone - Astrology, horoscopes and psychic predictions

Ancient Magic Spells - Love Spells, Revenge Spells, Money Spells

Power Fortunes - Astrology, Tarot, Lucky Charms & Talismans

Online Vedic Astrology Consultants - daily horoscopes

Indian Vedic Shrikamna Astrology - daily, weekly & monthly horoscopes

Natural Health Care, Vedic Astrology Consultancy and Herbal Remedies

Online Astrology College - learn online - the lovely Chrysta Lewis, specialising in sports astrology

AstroPsychology - Glenn Perry's web site

Liz Greene web site - excellent books

Time Zone - calculates all your time zones for you

Zodiacal Zephir - great astrology site for quick chart calculations

Astrodienst - articles and chart creating, great site

Solar Fire Astrology Software - the best in the world

FAA - the most professional astrological association in the world (Australian)

Cura - free articles, French run and brilliant

Vintage Astrology - good free readings and astrology listings

Indian Astrology Site - Helping you learn to trust your Heart

Myths - top site for symbol, myth & dream work

Astrological research - great article

Astrological Law & Justice - an interesting article on rulerships etc.

April Elliot Kent - one of my favourite astrology web authors

Feng Shui-Astrology - includes free readings

Tarot Readings

Love Spells - Authentic Love Spells by notoriously known witch Ms. Aisha, Love Spells fast and powerful results

Psychics UK - Psychic, tarot and astrology readings by accurate and sensitive psychic reader

Greek astrology site - very interesting


Taoism & Tantra Links

Tai Chi Network

Taoism - a good site

Taoism - Sun Tsu and Lao Tsu - interesting Tantra site

Taoist Alchemy - recommended Taoist Chi Kung page

Tantra for Women - recommended web site from the lovely Evalena Rose

Goddess Temple - recommended tantra web site (Mare Simone)

 Qi Journal - interesting site with lots of goodies for Taoists - yoga, tantra, meditation

Taoist site - good articles

Oz Tantra - Sacred Sexuality site


Psychology & ADD Links

Carl Jung - the best site for psychology articles

Jungian Psychology - The Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida

ADHD site

ADHD and its link to other neurological disorders - an excellent article

ADD/ADHD - Mark Koslowski's site, Tourettes Syndrome and other neurological disorders

ADD/ADHD - Thomm Hartmann's excellent site, Hunter Vs Farmer theory

Learning Disabilities - why, where from, what can cause it? excellent site

Crime Library - psychopath psychological profiles, part of the AstroPsych course

Profile of Cult Leaders - part of the AstroPsych course

Narcissism - part of the AstroPsych course

Men's Web - site for men's psych issues, raises some interesting issues

Sexual Abuse by women - this is not pleasant, but opens one's eyes