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The Air Fire Pentagram

Puer & Senex


its links with genes, addiction, cults, politicians, crime and success

(please read the ADD articles first and its link to better understand this article)

Air Fire Pentagram = a genetic predisposition towards narcissistic behaviours?

We have spoken about ADD / ADHD before as well as the criminal mind and looked at a few charts. Although this is ‘work in progress’ it is becoming increasingly clear to me that these signifiers, a dominance of Air and Fire in their charts, thus the development of the Air Fire Pentagram effect. This appears to show a genetic predisposition towards narcissistic behaviours. After all, the Air sign is not comfortable staying still, they are actively seeking information from their environment using all their senses then they are driven to share that information with others. The Fire signs seek fun and adventure from life seeking to control their environment for pleasure and attention, they want to be the centre of attention above and beyond all others. The pentagram shows that these two elements are unique in their self centered need for gratification of some kind that precludes others, they are much more selfish and active than the two others elements.

Understanding ‘narcissism’ is a good start to understanding many of the people that I have included in this article, we can see in the chart where there is a dominance of Air, Fire and those signs on the Pentagram house cusps. Where there is no dominance we would then look for the powerful outer planets to dominate, something like Pluto conjunct Ascendant or conjunct the luminaries, etc. By reading the many articles linked to this site we can see that narcissism, ADD, ADHD, gurus, politicians, criminals, etc. are not necessarily made, they have a predisposition to this behaviour, genetically passed down from their parents and grandparents. This predisposition is triggered by trauma or opportunity to gratify their sexual, control or monetary needs, this starts the ball rolling towards narcissism and their amoral behaviours.

We see these behaviours in the cult leader, religious leaders, politicians, corrupt business leaders, psychotics, ADHD and learning behaviours in the young, excessive sexual behaviours and sex crimes, and anything that we have read about in this lesson that points to a narcissistic, self-centered personality. Funnily enough we also see the very same signifiers in people who are successful in business, sports, writing, research, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians—if you want to be successful have a an Air Fire Pentagram chart. But what about normal people with these same signifiers, genes and childhood trauma? It is important to have solid family support, mentorship by a stable adult as a youth and good friendship / relationship support, these all help us survive life’s challenges. Family, friends and mentorship—support of any kind helps us cope.

Now when I say this I mean:

* there are more Air and Fire elements in the chart than the other two put together, thus about 6 planets and points in Air & Fire increases the chances of the Air Fire Pentagram effect

* a stellium in any sign (this is a Fire pattern)

* a Grand Cross in any element (this is an Air pattern)

* a Grand Trine in any mode (This is a Fire pattern)

* planets in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses

* Air or Fire signs on those same houses increase the effect twice fold

* Jupiter in any of those same houses

* Jupiter conjunct Sun or Moon

* Sun, and/or especially the Moon, in an Air or Fire sign

*** if there are few or no indicators as described above then there behaviour may be a deeper emotional response or reaction to their upbringing &/or trauma. Thus a criminal, cult leader, politician, ADHD or psychotic person, showing all the signs of the Air Fire Pentagram, does not need to have the genetic predisposition towards these behaviours, it can then be caused by severe emotional trauma or upbringing.

An example of this would be the Sun or Moon conjunct Pluto, or a dominance of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus or Saturn in the chart (sometimes Chiron too). We would look for an outer planet conjunct Sun or Moon (sometimes it is opposite or square but this is not as common). Notice that we will most often see a conjunction, and that it involves the Sun or the Moon (sometimes the Ascendant). This shows a POWERFUL subconscious impact (outer planet) on the natives psyche (Sun and Moon) by their most important parents (Sun and Moon). We see that severe emotional trauma can be caused this way. Thus someone with emotional or disturbed behaviours will show the same signs as ADD / ADHD etc. but will not necessarily have the same astrological profile. It will have indicators of outer planets conjunct luminaries as described.

Examples of where the Air Fire Pentagram comes into the picture - all these charts are available on the web, go to the links page or


Gary Hart—Indiscreet politician whose presidential hopes were dashed when his affair with model Donna Rice was exposed in the tabloids in May 1987, and he ended one of the shortest campaigns in presidential history on 8 May. Hart met Rice regularly on a yacht called 'Monkey Business'. He married Lee Hart (b. 20 February 1936, 5.37 pm CST, Ottawa, Kansas, 38N37, 95W16) in August 1959, fifteen years before he became a US Senator. Donna Rice was born on 7 January 1958, 9.17 am CST, New Orleans, Louisiana, 29N57, 90W05. Gary is the classic Super Ego gone bad, he has a dominance of Sagittarius, planets in the 1st, 3rd and 9th houses, Air and Fire Pentagram (Air and Fire on the Air Fire houses). He entered politics with high morals, I am sure, but his narcissistic needs got the better of his morals. Sexual gratification won over moral obligations.

Spiritual Lesson—we look for conflict and the most aspected points of the chart. Chiron conjunct Moon in Gemini, thus Moon in Gemini seeks meaning through communicating, this can drive him to worrying and deny his emotional adventures or lack of. He needs to learn how to confront his mother (and emotional) issues, learn not to deny but to confront his issues of abandonment by his mother and by his lovers, emotional abandonment is one of his keys to this existence. Grand Cross = denial, Moon in Gemini = denial, Chiron conjunct Moon = abandonment, wounded by mother and women in general. Affairs are his way of staving off feelings of abandonment and impotence (loss of power, the ‘small man’ syndrome).

Bill Clinton— Former President of the USA. Clinton was elected in November 1992 and for a further term four years later, amid many damaging accusations. Bill had trouble keeping his pants on and was finally excused for sexual indiscretions with Monica Lewinski (and many others). His Vice-President was Al Gore (b. 31 March 1948, 12.53 pm EST, Washington, DC, 38N54, 77W02). Bill is another classic case of the Air Fire Pentagram with only two points not in Air of Fire, phew, what a chart, and just look at that Air stellium in a Fire house, a double up of Fire (a stellium is a Fire pattern).

Spiritual Lessons—confront reality, do not deny what is being experienced inside you, learn to be honest with yourself, don’t run away emotionally from those who demand you to be honest with them. Libra stellium = denial, manipulation, Mars conjunct Neptune = see reality, don’t pretend you are other than what you are, be honest with yourself, Leo stellium = don’t try to be the ‘star’ attraction all the time, give others the opportunity to shine too.

Malcolm X—black rights leader shows strong inner Id needs, it can be imagined that he was traumatised by racism as a youth. Chiron conjunct Moon shows trauma with home and mother, he also has Jupiter strong in his 1st house and Fire dominates thus he gave wonderful orations to win support for his goals for equality.

Spiritual Lessons—learn to slow down and smell the roses, relax, deal with your impatience and temper first and then with your mother issues. Chiron conjunct Moon = wounded by mother, mother and women issues; Mars Pluto conj. 7th cusp = anger, victim complex; Moon in Aries = impatience, temper and an angry mother.

Yasir Arafat—Palestinian leader is driven by early life traumas, a powerful chart with Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon conjunct Uranus and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, he sure is driven by his Id needs for security.

Spiritual Lessons—Learn to deal with your impatience and temper, you also have mother issues and feel that your father abandoned you. There are also sexuality issues that you can deal with in this lifetime. Moon conjunct Uranus = mother issues tension and stress; Moon in Aries = anger and temper; Pluto conjunct Venus in the first = sexuality issues; Sun conjunct Neptune = abandoned by father.

Gurus & cult leaders

Sai Baba—Indian guru with a huge western following. We see he has the Pentagram too, with Pluto conjunct Moon and Saturn conjunct Sun. This would suggest that he has suffered some abuse as a child, traumatised by his mother and limited by his father (12th house Sun suggests an absent father). Perhaps his homosexuality and narcissistic behaviour is his way of controlling his strong Id needs for healing. However Jupiter 3rd and Sagittarius Ascendant leads him to morally and spiritually justify his behaviours.

Spiritual Lessons—Sexuality issues, mother issues, father issues, manipulation and mind games. Moon in Cancer conjunct Pluto = mother and confused sexuality issues (to do with his mother); Sun conjunct Saturn in the 12th conjunct Sagittarius Ascendant = father issues and mind manipulation.

Bhagwan Rajneesh—another religious guru with sexual gratification problems, ‘free sex’ was his catch cry. Another Pentagram with Moon conjunct Saturn but Sun safe in Sagittarius conjunct the 7th cusp. He also has a stellium in Capricorn which adds to his Fire narcissistic elements.

Spiritual Lessons—mother issues, sexuality issues, emotional issues, tantrums, argumentative, mind games and manipulation. Moon in Capricorn = mother and emotional issues; Moon conjunct Saturn = the same; Moon conjunct Venus = sexuality issues; Gemini Ascendant plus Sagittarius Sun conjunct 7th cusp = control and mind games, tantrums; Mars conjunct Mercury = temper tantrums, argumentative.

Paramahansa Yogananda—Indian guru, showing similar Air Fire traits, notice the power of the Leo Ascendant with Leo Moon, very charismatic.

Spiritual Lessons—impatience and temper issues, mother issues too, attention seeking. The T-Square to the Sun shows that he doesn’t really know who he is either. He needs to get in touch with his inner-self, not his followers. Chiron conjunct Moon in Leo—wounded by mother, mother issues; Leo Ascendant conjunct Moon in Leo = attention seeking, impatient, temper, moody, attention seeking.

Dalai Lama, Tibet—interesting that as he was chosen by his religious leaders, and not self-made like most other gurus, the Dalai Lama does not exhibit the standard Pentagram effects of the others. Why would that be? Is it because he is honestly driven to seek spiritual answers (Pluto in the first house)?

Spiritual Lessons—nit picky, attention to detail, annoying others with his demanding behaviours, abandoned by both mum and dad; fear of loneliness, sexuality and power. Moon conjunct Neptune = abandoned by mother; Pluto conjunct Ascendant = fear of sexuality; fear of loneliness/insecurity = Venus, Neptune, Moon in 2nd house and opposition by Saturn; nit picky = Mercury conjunct 12th cusp, Virgo Moon in 2nd and Pluto first.

Marshal Applewhite—Heavens Gate spiritual leader, led his flock members to castrate themselves, committed suicide when the Hale Bop Comet was passing Earth. He has some of the hallmarks of the narcissist too, five Fire planets and points, Aries Ascendant & first house stellium. Not strongly narcissistic but watch the Taurus Sun & Moon and Chiron, wounded by both parents, thus his Id needs drive him to find meaning to his life, but in the process he has lost his direction. I suspect that he was also driven by another, perhaps his female partner was the driving force behind him, pity we don’t have her chart.

Spiritual Lessons—wounded by both his parents, impatient and temper, dogmatic, pedantic and inflexible, sexuality issues. Chiron conjunct Sun and Moon = wounded by parents; Aries Ascendant and first house stellium—impatience and temper; same for sexuality issues; Taurus Sun and Moon = pedantic and dogmatic, fear of change.

David Koresh—Cult leader, Koresh and ninety followers of his Branch Davidiain religious sect died in a holocaust, 19 April 1993, near Waco, Texas. FBI agents approached the compound on 28 February and there was a stalemate after a gunfight before the group were engulfed in an inferno. Koresh had musical ambitions which amounted to little, but possessed a god-complex and was worshipped by his flock, and in particular, by the women/girls who were sexually accessible to him.

Oh yes, the typical Pentagram effect here, notice the powerful Sun conjunct Pluto and Uranus, both Moon and Sun in the Air Fire houses too. He also had Id issues and was driven to find salvation from his childhood traumas through religion. A great orator but his sexual excesses lead to his downfall.

Spiritual Lessons—fear of father, father issues; sexuality issues; anxiety as a child; fear of crowds; denial and manipulation of others for self gain. Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto = fear of father, sexuality issues and anxiety; Moon in Aquarius in 5th = denial and manipulation and possibly dishonesty; North Node conjunct Ascendant = anxiety as a child, fear of crowds.

Rev. Jim Jones—Cult leader, charismatic leader of The People's Temple, a group of nine hundred followers who moved with Jones from San Francisco to settle in his paradise, Jonestown, in the Seventies. In late November 1978, they committed mass suicide, some by force, others willingly. His birth time was 10:00 pm giving a Capricorn Ascendant, but I moved his time back 15 minutes to give a Sagittarius Ascendant, which fits perfectly. Why did I do this? Because I felt that his birth time wasn’t accurate (given as 10pm it would have been somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30) so I used my professional judgment, like a good Leo does, and made it more interesting, and I do think that this is more accurate than his stated Capricorn Ascendant.

Jim’s chart shows many Air Fire characteristics (Aries stellium) plus outer planet dominance of the luminaries, Sun conjunct Chiron and Moon conjunct Uranus. Here we see an innate need to resolve Id urges for security, plus the Fire need for power and gratification.

Spiritual Lessons—wounded by father, father issues, irresponsible and unreliable; sexuality issues; impatience and temper; mother and women issues; female issues. Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter its ruler conjunct Pluto in 7th = irresponsible, unreliable, manipulation of others; Moon in Aries = impatience, female and mother issues, anger; Chiron conjunct Sun = wounded by father; Venus conjunct Uranus = sexuality issues.

Edward Gein—Necrophiliac, cannibal, from an early age handyman and farmer Gein was denied a normal interest in sex by his puritanical mother. He began an obsession with anatomy and dug up graves, dismembering the bodies and dressing up in their skin. He began killing in December 1954, and by November 1957 had been caught (committed to an institution for the criminally insane in December 1957). 'Psycho' and 'The Silence of the Lambs' were based on Edward Gein.

Edward’s chart also has the Air Fire Pentagram, his puritanical mother is seen with the Sagittarius Moon (morals) opposite Pluto (fear, sexual deviance) which is conjunct his Ascendant. Thus we see he hated his mother, feared her too, but he was fundamentally wounded by Pluto on his Ascendant leading to a need to express his Id needs, sexual gratification. Did he only target women, mother substitutes, was it sexual, seems so? He would have made a great guru!

Spiritual Lessons—fear of his own anger and power to destroy; possible sexual deviance; charming but irresponsible and manipulative; overprotective and over moralistic mother; too much head noise and worrying leading to psychosis. Gemini Ascendant conjunct Pluto, & Jupiter first = worrying and head noise, fear of power to destroy, sexual deviance; Moon in Sagittarius conjunct 7th = charming and mother issues, moralistic mother, female issues.

Puer & Senex

In the Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas book, The Development of The Personality, Liz talks of the Puer Aeternus, discussed by Carl Jung in his ‘Collected Works Vol.9’ as the archetypal Peter Pan. Liz says, “...the puer is more concerned with the aspiration towards eternal life, toward some experience of the spirit which will lift man out of the inevitability of mortality, corruption, death and bondage to heredity and fate.” (Greene & Sasportas, 1987, p.226)

The puer is the young, immortal hero in myth, he is the eternal child-like warrior who prefers death to a meaningless existence. He is often portrayed as his mother’s favourite and born to perform special deeds like saving a princess, finally to die a hero’s death. ‘Live hard die young’, ‘If it feels good do it’ is their motto. The puer lives the Air Fire Pentagram, classic narcissistic ideology and attitudes with an outer veneer of spirituality wishing to live beyond the material earthly existence.

Note that most puers never make it far on their spiritual journey, they fall when they discover the wealth and sex that their journey often brings in its early stages. They generally stay at the spoilt, immature brat stage and throw adult sized tantrums when they don’t get what they want. We see both males and females with these traits. Such as the tarot reader at the fair, when at home she is a vicious self-centered tyrant, or the cult guru with his small following in the local spiritual church who cons his flock with personal sexual ‘kundalini awakening’ lessons. Liz Greene says that the signs Sagittarius and Gemini are strongest along with the Jupiter and Mercury powerfully placed in the chart—such as in the first house or conjunct a luminary. I would add some Aries and Leo too with a touch of Sun in the first house. Hmm, sounds like the Air Fire Pentagram to me.

Senex is the term for the traditionalist, someone who is stuck in ‘tradition’ mode. They never want to try something new, preferring the same café, the same meal, the same clothes, the same everything. The senex is Saturn, Capricorn, Taurus and a touch of Virgo. We see the senex in traditional fields like historic trusts, churches and old universities and schools.

Here we have the new and the old, the idealistic youth and the wise, mature traditionalist. We need narcissistic people, they are our adventurers and our visionaries, it is their corruption that we don’t want. We also need the traditionalists who provide us with wise counsel and stability along the ‘path’ who hold society together with ritual. It is seen in ‘rites of passage’ ceremonies, where the youth is initiated into adulthood through ritual acts. The first menstruation of a girl is celebrated by the whole Fijian village in song and dance, the ‘birth’ into womanhood. Young men are circumcised at puberty to bring them forth into the warrior or men’s world. We need youthful vigour, we need the wisdom of age and we need ritual to guide us along our path.

Key words for the Air Fire Pentagram

We simply look at the key words for Air and Fire—bright, sharp, intelligent, nervy, irritable, irritating, annoying, worrying, nervous, impetuous, impulsive, hyperactive, driven, ambitious, entrepreneur, innovative, creative, imaginative, inspirational, adventuresome, spirited, leadership, loyal, intrepid, attention seeking, annoying, bothersome, moody, mood swings, greedy, selfish, egocentric, amoral, inconsiderate, immature, childish, child-like, confident, self-esteem, expressive, emotive, change, intense, dramatic, drama queen, enthusiasm, joyful, happy, insensitive, lack of compassion, active, forceful, yang, masculine, strength, powerful, dominant, aggressive, logical, rational, analytical, critical, abstract, mind, thoughts, interactive, social, consciousness, spiritual, highly sensitive to their immediate environment, not so sensitive to other people’s needs, will reflect environmental situation (if someone around them is angry they will feel angry but not realise it—they react without processing this into consciousness), revolutionary, rebellious, freedom seeking, strong sense of justice, perceptive, clever, smart ass, detached, competitive, temper, impatient, tantrums, outrageous, manic, demanding, planning, ordering, categorising, technical, mathematical, spaced-out, dreaminess, in-their-heads, ‘space cadet’, goof off, day dreamer.

And there are many more. Don’t forget that the chart does not need to have the Air or Fire signs on the Air Fire cusps to produce an Air Fire Pentagram effect. If there is a stellium, or Jupiter conjunction to a luminary and other significators, this is often enough to produce these effects. However, having said that, with just the Air and Fire cusps covered by Air and Fire signs is sometimes not enough to produce the Pentagram effects, it sometimes needs a trigger like Jupiter in the 3rd, etc. This requires some significant research still, but we are getting there.

Remember, the Air Fire Pentagram is a sign of success as well as outrageous selfishness, it all depends on genes and opportunity, family support and guidance as to which direction they will go. Most natives with this configuration will exhibit these negative traits in adolescence, when they have millions of units of testosterone and estrogen pumping through their system and are testing their boundaries. Things settle down and they come home back to a semblance of balance when they reach about 21 years of age. All is not lost, they just have to fall a few times and realise that they have too much to lose, they also realise how important their family's love and support really is.

Neuropsychology and behaviour—what role do our genes play?

When we read the article Neurodevelopmental Psychopathological Disorders, we realise that we can see that when a child has a learning disability, ADD, ADHD, or a teenager has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder there is usually a family member somewhere that has it too, or one of the other many neurological disorders mentioned in the article. Thus if you have one of these disorders, then you more than likely got the gene from your parents. If you have a child with one of these, it wasn’t your fault, it is genetic.

Now having said that we have also seen that some charts have powerful outer planets imposing on the luminaries and the Ascendant. This shows that childhood trauma and opportunity has contributed to their behaviour. Thus someone with schizophrenia and who has the Air Fire dominance could be concluded to have received it genetically. If that same person doesn’t have the Air Fire dominance but has outer planets conjunct a luminary or Ascendant then we could possibly conclude that it was caused by childhood trauma (the luminaries are ‘mother’ and ‘father’).

By the same reasoning, someone with narcissistic behaviours, the amoral guru or criminal, does not necessarily have to be traumatised to be amoral. They could just as easily have been exposed to opportunities to explore and develop their narcissism. For example, the charismatic religious minister who’s son is encouraged to join the band-wagon, he has ample opportunities to practice his sermon giving, his posturing and his manipulation of the congregation. By the time he is in his late teens he is a leader of the high school and the local church’s Friday night Christian Fellowship. By the time he is in his forties he is a Television Evangelist.

Now this is still very inconclusive, and a project I am still researching, but it is becoming clearer that narcissism is an Air Fire quality that can lead to amoral / immoral behaviours.

One thing we must remember too is that the vast majority of successful people, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, innovators, movie and music stars, sports people, leaders in all fields have the very same Air Fire Pentagram profile. With success however they also need a strong Saturn to have the determination to succeed.

Addictions—gambling, alcoholism, drugs, sex, workaholics, etc.

I have worked with people having these problems and found that most have the strong Air Fire charts described. A strong dominance of Fire seeks adrenaline rushes through coffee, alcohol, thrills, driving fast and dangerously, sex, drugs, violence and gambling. The more Fire the more adrenaline is needed. Air charts are worriers, those who can’t stop their head from spinning and chatting to itself all day and night, they can’t sleep. They need drugs and alcohol to numb their mind, they generally don’t want more stimulation as such, but seek to escape the constant thoughts running through their heads - many people with a mental illness fit this group. Water signs seek solace from abandonment and so will drink themselves into oblivion while the Earth signs drink to enjoy the delightful feeling of drunkenness and to stave off the insecurity that comes with change. They don’t handle fast changes in their lives. Therefore the drug addict, gambler, alcoholic or workaholic is generally a mixture of Air and Fire with a bit of Water. When we add the Water we add emotional pain, they seek to escape from the feelings of rejection, abandonment, failure and betrayal.

The two charts I chose are males, they usually get sent by their parents or by their partners. Not many females come for drug counselling interestingly enough. Maybe because they are generally involved in a relationship with a partner who is also addicted they are therefore accepted by their partner as having no problem. Besides, most drug addicted females are also working in the sex industry which is where 99% of my drug addicted female clients come from. Shoplifting, gambling and alcohol are the more common female addictions.

Christopher—6th December 1977, 6pm, -11 hrs, 34S29, 150E54, cocaine and speed are his drugs of choice. We see two mini-stelliums, one in Libra and the other, of course, in Sagittarius. Plus he has Moon conjunct Pluto and Sun conjunct Neptune, Mars in the 3rd, Moon in the 5th, obviously he struggles with the Air Fire dominance PLUS emotional abandonment.

Marty—9th April, 1983, 8.17 pm, -10 hrs, 34S53, 150E36, speed is his drug of choice, he has all the hallmarks of Air Fire dominance.

Lacey—22nd July 2965, 4.40 am, -10 hrs, 33S52, 151E13, not addicted to anything but has a lot of anxiety and restlessness, she does show the Air Fire Pentagram effects, successful business lady, an artist and terribly unhappy in her love life, got caught with a lover which almost ended in divorce. A powerful Jupiter, Gemini Ascendant (I think this is the hardest Ascendant to live with), strong 3rd, 5th and 9th houses plus a Fire Moon.

Lisa—22nd may 1968, 4.45 am, -10 hrs, 34S53, 150E36, has a very busy life, works with her husband on their business, has a driven personality that sometimes creates ill will with those around her, relationship and anger issues. Her chart shows the classic Air Fire Pentagram signifiers: Air mini-stellium with Sun in Gemini, Aries stellium with Moon in Aries, strong 1st, 5th and 11th houses.

If you want to see positive examples of the Air Fire Pentagram look at the charts of successful people like Bill Clinton and Sai Baba, they all appear to have these astrological significators plus a strong Saturn.

I welcome your comments on this paper.

© Noel Eastwood 2003