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Chiron in my eight house

By Ann Bennett (Student article)

Halfway into my first Astrology lesson I did something that I had thought about for some time, but avoided doing anything about. I had been meditating with the Moon and Sun and gained a lot of personal insight through these meditations. I was aware of Chiron, my wound situated in the eight house, the house of crisis. The house of personal sexual relationships, and other important things. It formed a square with Venus, the North Node and Saturn within the circle of my chart. I felt curious yet somehow cautious.

I thought that by this time I had some insight into my woundedness, especially as I'd spent some time researching the family history which had been of help as well. There was, I discovered, in my family, a generational psychodynamic that caused considerable pain and agony for the women. Probably the men as well though I was specifically concerned about the women. In particular myself and my daughters. This was the object of my search, my main intention. Discover this phychodynamic and fix it, as simple as that. But it was not simple at all, in fact it took me many years of journeying and searching.

Now the time seemed right to face a meditation with Chiron. It was not without some feelings of misgivings though. Still faith prevailed and I proceeded to invite Chiron to reveal himself as a real presence for me.

At first I was so surprised when I saw him, I became doubtful thinking that I was using my idealistic imagination. So I examined Chiron's presence in close detail, looking for signs of woundedness that I could relate to. But there was no sign of woundedness about his presence, just perfect glowing health. He greeted me, ignoring my attitude of incredulity and blessed me as he took my hands and seemed to be congratulating and honouring me in a way that was sincere and intimate.

The next morning when I woke up, the meditation of the night before was still fresh in my mind. Although nothing registered at the time, now the realization of the curious meaning dawned on me.

Finally I have victory over the family dynamic that has plagued our family over several generations. It is not easy to put into a few words, it would take many words. It relates to a breaking away from old bigotries, religious, social and cultural, without bitterness or discrimination. Its my journey, without the benefit of signposts to guide and with much soul searching and suffering. The hope for the happiness and welfare of myself and daughters was always what urged me on.

The wound was a sacred gift all the time. It was the importance to evolve, to turn tears into gladness, to turn pain into new life.

It was with mixed feelings that I decided to undertake a meditation with Chiron, the wounded healer in my eight house. In spite of misgivings I felt that the time was somehow right.

(I can personally vouch for Annís evolution and transformation, this is no fairytale. Thanks Ann, this was truly sent from your soul to touch us.)



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