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Astrology Articles

Amy, the kitchen cupboard kid - astropsychology case study

Jungian Psychology in Astrology - complexes & projection

Martin Bryant - mass murderer

Martin Bryant - mass murderer web article

Psychology, Astrology & Happiness - a fun look at astrology and psychology

Health Miracles through Astrology more health by the stars

Amazing Experiences in Trance with the Astrology Archetypes - amazing

The Air Fire Pentagram - its links with addictions, genes, success, crime, cults, politicians and mental illness

AstroLovers - the signs and planets - the secrets they reveal about you and your lover

The AstroPsychology of Defences in The Horoscope - by Greg Mathieson, Dip. AstroPsych

Development of Personality - by Chrysta Lewis (visit her excellent web site)

Astrology as Shamanism the Pluto Chiron Journey Within - By Louise Cutler

Daylight Savings dates - Australian Historic Starting Dates - World

Air Fire Pentagram - the long awaited explanation

Vedic Astrology - Vedic Lesson - Negative Yogas & Their Divine Remedies


Psychology Articles

Home Rules for Kids - strategies for raising your kids

The Sacred Wounding - by Ann Bennett

Inner Quest - Jung's individuation process using visions, symbols and astrology - Vision Quest

Inner Quest - October 2001 - what the quest can do for you

Inner Quest - astrology & the 4 elements - triggers to push you along your path

Rites of Passage  why mentoring is necessary in western society

Boys & emotional self defense  an article about why men & boys are so lost in life

Profile of cult leaders - part of the AstroPsycholgy course

Profiles of the Columbine killers - link to excellent site for all criminal profiles, Klebold and Harris are discussed in the AstroPsych course

Profile of The D.C. Sniper


Taoism, Tantra, Kundalini

Great article from Michael Winn on Taoist Sexual Tantra


Health Articles (see also astrology & ADHD articles)

Tips on Brewing your own Kombucha a phenomenal health beverage

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